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Program Structure

Basin-scale ocean observations will benefit from arrangements of national and international efforts that are better aligned. AtlantOS will be the facilitating mechanism and forum to align these interests. AtlantOS will move beyond the status quo by bringing together the observing communities and countries of the Atlantic basin, providing the opportunity to join and support the system. AtlantOS will build upon the coordinated work of GOOS and GEO, two international bodies that support and coordinate global ocean observing. The focus will not only be on the physics but also the biology, ecology and biogeochemistry of the ocean and seafloor, social sciences, and economics and will enhance new partnerships among governments, science, civil society and the private sector.

AtlantOS is working to advance the implementation of joint observational elements in the Atlantic Ocean to improve the basin-scale system and its information products. In parallel, it will also develop specific, topic related use cases which attract the engagement of the wider ocean observing community. AtlantOS will focus on following topics

  • Quantifying Atlantic climate and ocean change
  • Biodiversity and ecosystem assessment
  • Coastal disaster risk reduction
  • Ocean system science improvement
  • Blue Economy and food security potential
  • Safety at Sea

The AtlantOS program is developing priority actions that support the basin scale implementation and cooperation between networks, a common and interoperable data infrastructure, and sharing of best practices.

In addition, implementing an All-Atlantic Ocean Observing System, the AtlantOS program is supporting several ocean observing use cases with specific thematic foci that showcase the added value of a more integrated ocean observing system.

AtlantOS use cases. ©Leonard Ermel

AtlantOS use cases. ©Leonard Ermel