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Steering Committee

The AtlantOS program Steering Committee is

  • Supporting the implementation of the AtlantOS program,
  • Reaching out to the community for engaging in AtlantOS,
  • Leading up to one Use Case group with the aim to create needed ocean information services (starting with prototypes)

The Steering Committee consists of:

Jessica Snowden (USA) (Chair), Penny Holliday (UK), Isabel Sousa Pinto (Portugal), Maria Paz Chidichimo (Argentina), Francis Emile Asuquo (Nigeria), Gleyci Moiser (Brazil), Lucie Cocquenpot (France), Patrick Gorringe (Sweden), Renellys Perez (US), Virginia Polonio Povedano (UK), Leticia Cotrim da Cunha (Brasil), Brad deYoung (Canada), Martin Visbeck (Germany).

The Steering Committee is supported by Ann-Christine Zinkann (NOAA, US), Mariana Rocha de Souza (NOAA, US).