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Basin-scale Implementation

AtlantOS envisions a basin-scale observing system, sustainably resourced and efficiently operated to realize the ambition of a broad set of stakeholders and their need for ocean information. Specifically, it will connect scientists, policy makers, the private sector and civil society to articulate a fit-for-purpose system that delivers critical ocean information in a value-added context to address the range from data capture to end products and services.

We need an integrated basin-scale ocean observing system to support ocean management. Coordinated basin-scale activities will lead to better modelling, monitoring, and forecasting products (e.g. through alignment of observing network activities as well as supporting data management and integration). 

Basin-scale ocean observations will benefit from arrangements of national and international efforts that are better aligned. AtlantOS will be the facilitating mechanism and forum to align these interests. AtlantOS will move beyond the status quo by bringing together the observing communities and countries of the Atlantic basin, providing the opportunity to join and support the system. AtlantOS builds upon the coordinated work of GOOS and GEO, two international bodies that support and coordinate global ocean observing.  

AtlantOS aligning national, regional, and international observing efforts at the basin-scale level.

AtlantOS aligning national, regional, and international observing efforts at the basin-scale level.

The AtlantOS program is developing priority actions supporting the basin-scale implementation and cooperation between observing networks, a common and interoperable data infrastructure, and sharing of best practices. Specifically: 

  • AtlantOS fills an acknowledged gap in the basin by serving as the bridge between existing national or sub-basin observing programs such as US IOOS, CIOOS, IOCARIBE, OCEATLAN, EuroGOOS, and EOOS. It is planned that AtlantOS supports the basin-scale component within GOOS as an affiliated project.
  • AtlantOS supports connectivity across various observing networks already in place. For example, OceanSITES, Argo, OceanGliders, HF-Radar, GO-Ship, Animal Telemetry Networks, the GEO BON/Marine Biodiversity Observation Network (MBON) use AtlantOS to articulate their contributions to a fit-for-purpose observing system.
  • AtlantOS supports interoperability of data from diverse ocean observing activities building on community efforts such as GEOSS (and its Atlantic component), JCOMMOBS, SeaDataNet, and EMODnet as well as CMEMS and similar national and regional efforts.
  • AtlantOS provides visibility to individual ocean observing activities across the whole Atlantic in the context of providing valuable input to the All-Atlantic Ocean Observing System.