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Present status & future

Where are we now? Where are we heading?

  • We are engaged in ocean observing but could do more to sustainably coordinate activities
  • We share ocean data, provide fair and equitable access to ocean information, network on ocean observing data infrastructures, and engage in capacity building for ocean observing and data and information use
  • We promote the engagement of contributors to ocean observing from science, social science, engineering, civil society, private sectors and across all levels of technical and financial abilities 

By 2030 we foresee that AtlantOS will have the following attributes: 

  • User needs are met – by keeping connected with users and understanding their evolving requirements
  • AtlantOS is the All-Atlantic part of the Global Ocean Observing System
  • A fully functioning governance framework is in place that provides a forum for coordination, resource mobilization, review and decision making
  • Long-term sustainability has been achieved through national and stakeholder commitments with a goal of reaching 75% of sustained resources, in line with present meteorological observational support